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Tony Williams

Name : Tony Williams

Education : Graduate of Booker T. Washington High School

Hobbies : Participate in numerous sports

Personal Profile : I am a Christian, believer of God, and a servant for Jesus Christ. I am a caring person and enjoy helping and working with people in need. I am easy to get along with. I believe in treating people they way I want to be treated. I am willing to continously learn and obtain knowledge. I believe in being committed to whatever I am involved in.

Tony WilliamsI chose to become a member of One Hundred Men of Shreveport after talking to positive and successful men of the organization. I was inspired by the purpose of the organization. I wanted to be a positive mentor in the lives of young men and encourage them to select a great career. I want young men to know that there are positive and dedicated men that are interested in coming together to work with them to enhance their lives. I wanted to work along with them and become a father-figure and positive role model to them and allow for one-on-one conversations when the young men need to talk about any situation.



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